A Better You Medi Spa Now Certifying Patients for Medical Cannabis

A Better You Medi Spa, located in Odenton, MD, has announced that they are now certifying patients for medical cannabis. Dr. Clarke-Bennett, owner of A Better You Medi Spa and primary care doctor, says “there are a few important steps that must be complete before scheduling your appointment.”

As part of the process, “clients must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission by logging on to mmcc.maryland.gov to obtain a MMCC ID Number. Then, call us to schedule your appointment for your evaluation,” states Clarke-Bennett.

Conditions that can be treated by Medical Cannabis: Any medical condition that can cause severe loss of appetite or pain, nausea, glaucoma, muscle spasms, migraines or PTSD.

Call 410.672.2700 to schedule your appointment. Learn more: bit.ly/2y2axEL