Are Multi-Vitamins Effective?

Are Multi-Vitamins Effective?

Most of us have nutritional gaps in our diet due to the choices we make at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We all know our bodies function optimally when we eat an array of healthy foods but even if you stick to a clean, lean and healthy diet plan you will still find need for supplements to ensure proper nutrition.  Here are some of the more notable points as it relates to your health and wellness and taking supplements.

First, let’s tackle the “one size fits all” model of a multivitamin. These vitamins tend to be digested in the stomach rather than the lower intestine where the nutrients can actually be absorbed and processed properly.  Additionally, there are different times of day that your body can metabolize different nutrients so taking all your vitamins in the morning doesn’t do the trick.  Lastly, educating yourself on ingredients these day is a MUST.  Most multivitamin companies make their products using the lowest requirement for ingredient quality mandated by the FDA.  One size NEVER fits all, there is a better way!

Next are some strong reasons why you SHOULD be taking dietary supplements:

Stress – The present day is a stressful world.  Did you know that stress actually triggers your body to metabolize certain nutrients?  Worry can easily become a part of anyone’s day for so many different reasons.  The more worry and stress in your life the more depleted you are of vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B Complex as well as minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Potassium.  A reduction in stress levels is a step in the right direction.

Pollution – We are all effected by pollution no matter where we live with daily exposure to things such as cleaning products, chemicals in the water, pesticides, exhaust fumes and other harmful toxins and contaminants.   We breath, eat and drink them in and then we get the added negative affect of nutrient depletion of our naturally grown foods.  An apple just isn’t the same anymore.  The soil is depleted so the fruits, veggies and grains are depleted; then the livestock are depleted from eating the depleted fruits, veggies and grains; then in turn our bodies are depleted of these nutrients due to all the aforementioned depletion.  Phew…it’s a vicious cycle!

Diet – Food today is not the food of yesterday.  Not only do you need to consider the lack of nutrients in the food but also to side step chemical pitfalls with processed, low-fat or non-fat foods.  There are even concerns with foods labeled as “Organic” or “All Natural”.  Did you know that a company can label it’s product GMO free (Genetically Modified Organism) but still use genetically altered seeds as long as the seed grows naturally?  It’s so important to read every label and do your best to eat REAL foods.

As you can see, the need for supplements on a daily basis is very clear. Our bodies are very sophisticated with many different body systems that need real nutrients of high quality to perform properly.   If you are going to spend the money and take the time and effort to be healthy, why not do it the right way?

A Better You discovered ID Life and a solution was born!  This revolutionary company offers supplemental products of the highest pharmaceutical quality utilizing chrono-science to ensure nutrients are absorbed at the right time for the body.  With ID Life we have bridged the nutritional gap for our patients providing them with supplements that are tailored to their individual needs using an in depth assessment that considers everything from where you live in the world to what medications you take and many other factors.  The assessment is free and can be printed for your doctors review.  A Better You is proud to offer this innovative option to our patients, it is completely unique and the very best option on the market today.  You are truly able to design the right nutrition for your life.

So, should you take dietary supplements?  Without hesitation, ABSOLUTELY!  YES!  Should you take a multivitamin once a day?  Absolutely NOT!