Do You Get Up and Move?

Do You Get Up and Move?

Your answer to this question will determine your future in so many ways.  Movement is extremely vital and key to living a long and healthy life.  Obviously you are milling around during your regular daily routine; but if you don’t spend time INTENTIONALLY moving, getting your heart rate up and oxygenating the body you risk many negative health effects as well as the potential development of disease.

Oxygen is essential to optimal health and increased energy playing a primary role in the metabolic process.  The cells in our bodies oxidize nutrients using enzymes.  This process supplies energy, is highly complex and very important!  The more cells receiving adequate amounts of oxygen ensure better health and functionality.  So, how do you oxygenate the body?  There are many other ways to increase cellular oxygen (diet, hydration, supplementation, breathing); but the most paramount of these is movement.

Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to get adequate oxygen to the cells.  Increasing your heart rate increases circulation as well as production of red blood cells.  Another added benefit to aerobic exercise is the improved ability for the lungs to utilize oxygen.  When you combine these amazing factors the positive outcome of movement is realized.  It may now be hard to sit still!

What doctors recommend as a good starting point is walking.  This gentle form of exercise promotes health and well being while giving an opportunity to connect and be present in the moment.  Walking daily can be what you look forward to, finding relaxation and stress relief with every step.  Visualize your stress as a specific thing left on the curb when you embark on your daily journey.  This sort of practice will set you on a path to better health.

In order to really ramp up your cellular oxygenation choose more alkaline foods, incorporate B-12 into your daily routine, hydrate and breath.  A Better You has many programs available to set you on the path to optimal health.