Making Your Weight Loss Goal an Attainable Resolution!

Making Your Weight Loss Goal an Attainable Resolution!
Did you know that the most popular resolution each New Year is to lose weight? You would probably say that’s obvious, right? Statistics show that this goal is, for some, repeated year after year without positive results. Why does this happen? Finding the right program or diet or system for you at times can seem to be shrouded in mystery. Here we will share an easier way!


First, it’s important to be invested in becoming a healthier you. Weight loss has many benefits but the number one positive consequence of losing weight is better health. If you make this the main goal with weight loss being an added benefit it will be easier to integrate healthier habits into your life on a regular basis. Perspective is important!

Next, create a short list of three small goals that are easy for you to reach. When possible infuse humor into these goals. As an example, if my goal is to get more exercise I might choose to incorporate a few short flights of stairs at work into my routine. My daily internal dialogue might sound like this, “I love the three flights of stairs at work. The elevator takes too long to wait for anyway.” This should be simple and fun. By incorporating these seemingly small changes into your life you are already setting yourself up for success. Keep at it until these behaviors become part of your routine, so much so that you no longer need to focus on them in any way. Now you can pick a new set of three and compound your success!

Lastly, and possibly the “aha moment” you may be seeking is to get back to something that you are passionate about. Take time either daily or weekly to do something you truly love that you no longer do or have always wanted to try. This could be spending 20 minutes reading a book at night before bed, or going for a hike in nature twice a week. Maybe you enjoy cooking, so take a cooking class on delicious healthy foods.

Often, people that find themselves over weight got there based on stress and neglect of self. In life, there are many external things that are emphasized and made to be prioritized above the nurturing of self. You need to emphasize for yourself the importance of doing things on a regular basis that bring you joy. With weight loss, how you feel on the inside will greatly determine your success on the outside especially when it comes to long term sustainability. Why is this step so important? By following this simple recommendation achieving your weight loss goals will be easier and your end result will be a truly happier and healthier person, not just skinnier.

So smile, you are on your way to a better you.